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Lanson Champagne is based in Reims in the Champagne region. It was founded in 1970 and is now owned by the Lanson-BCC group. With over 260 years of history, Maison Lanson is one of the oldest champagne Houses. We are proud to have maintained our family traditions and independent organisation. Today, our champagnes are enjoyed in more than 80 countries.

Lanson was the first champagne house to be awarded the famous Royal Warrant as an official supplier to the Court of England in 1900, an honor which it holds to this day. Champagne Lanson is also proud to be the official Champagne of Wimbledon since 1977.

Faithful to its heritage, Lanson Champagnes have always been made using the traditional method, offering an exceptional development of flavor while preserving the natural purity of the fruit. We pride ourselves with high-quality grapes which we attribute to our terroir cultivated by innovative practices that are respectful of the vineyard, controlled grassing, reduced compaction of the soil, and soils that are herbicide-free and fed with home-made compost. 

Inspired by nature, the House of Lanson cultivates 57 hectares of land, 16 of which are run according to the principles of organic and biodynamic viticulture, in order to preserve the environment. This has been done for years, and our historic commitment offers wines with a longer ageing potential, extremely fresh, crisp and elegant. Standing in a unique estate in the heart of the Marine Valley, Lanson wines are characterised by their elegance, freshness, vitality and ability to stand the test of time.

At Lanson, we will always stand for the values of openness, kindness, humility, authenticity and elegance. Lanson believes that the world – like happiness – is better when shared.

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All you need to know about Lanson Champagne

The average price of a bottle of Lanson champagne excluding tax is $51 per 750ml. 

Lanson was founded in 1760 by François Delamotte who was then succeeded by his son Nicholas-Louis in 1798. A partnership was formed with Jean-Baptiste Lanson in 1978, who gave the company the name of Lanson et Cie in 1837. The champagne house remained family owned until 1980, when it was sold by Etitenne and Pierre Lanson to the Gardinier Group. It changed hands several times until 1994, when it was purchased by Marne et Champagne (now Lanson International).

Lanson International was purchased by the Boizel-Chanoine Group (BCC) in 1996. This group that includes Phillipponnat, de Venoge, Chanoine, Boizel and Alexandre Bonnet was eventually joined by Lanson and Besserat de Bellefon, forming the Lanson-BCC in 2006.

Lanson’s style of Champagne made for extended ageing. Among its many varieties, Lanson’s Brut Non-Vintage, called Black Label, stands out for many reasons: its distinctive dark packaging, its retention of its mouth-watering malic acid and pure apple-like flavours (owing to the fact that it does not go through malolactic fermentation), and its disgorgement dates printed on its back labels – which means the drinker can quickly tell when the Champagne was corked.

Black Label has an appealing green apple bite along with toasted bread and nutty notes, lending complexity to the fizz. Its blend is approximately 50% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Meunier.

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